Nuevo ¡Oferta! 1001 Chess Exercises for Advanced Club Players

1001 Chess Exercises for Advanced Club Players

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Frank Erwich [NIC]


El MF Frank Erwich te enseña cómo alcanzar el siguiente nivel identificando puntos débiles en la posición del oponente, reconociendo patrones de combinaciones, visualizando trucos y calculando de manera efectiva. Estos nuevos 1001 ejercicios están orientados a la realidad del jugador de club avanzado (Elo 1800 - 2300): no es suficiente detectar combinaciones simples, en este nivel debes ser capaz de resistir tus reflejos y mirar más profundo.

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An advanced club player must look deeper!

In this follow-up to his acclaimed 1001 Chess Exercise for Club Players, FIDE Master Frank Erwich teaches you how to reach the next level of identifying weak spots in the position of your opponent, recognizing patterns of combinations, visualizing tricks and calculating effectively.

Erwich repeats the themes of his previous book, focusing on exercises in which the key move is less obvious. He also introduces new, more sophisticated tactical weapons. They are geared towards the reality of the advanced club player (Elo 1800 – 2300): it is not enough to spot simple combinations, at this level you must be able to resist your reflexes and look deeper.

In variations that look forcing you will always search for that deadly Zwischenzug. Quiet moves in general should be your new best friends. In short: an advanced club player should expect the unexpected. One of the celebrated elements of Erwich’s previous book, which is neglected in other books on tactics, is back: defence! You will also learn how to defend against tactics, as well as how to use tactical weapons when you are under heavy pressure.

This is a complete and structured course, and not just a collection of freewheeling puzzles. Erwich starts every chapter with an instructive explanation of the tactical concept at hand and has carefully selected the most didactically productive exercises.

Frank Erwich is a FIDE Master and an experienced chess trainer from the Netherlands. He holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. In 2019 he published the bestselling 1001 Chess Exercises for Club Players.

Formato: 17 x 23,5

Páginas: 216

Fecha edición: 2021

AutorFrank Erwich
Formato17 x 23,5
Fecha de edición2021
EditorialNew In Chess

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