Problemas de Estrategia (Aperturas Cerradas)

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"After studying this book you will not become a Grandmaster, but you will surely gain a lot of playing strength. An ideal training book for the ambitious player who wants to increase his knowledge of strategy!" - Martin Rieger,

"One of those books that truly improves your strategy skills!" - John Elburg,

"For players of lower and medium ability, at whom the book is primarily aimed, one of the most difficult aspects of the game is the transition from opening to middlegame, when a plan has to be drawn up that meets the needs of the position. The majority of the 90 test positions presented here fall into that category and are thus helpful for developing the planning side of one's game." - Alan Sutton, En Passant

"The tests themselves take up the first 67 pages and the in-depth solutions cover the next 138. The players' names and game openings are well indexed at the end. There are typically three tests over each two-page spread. The opening notes are very light but the fun starts once the initial phase has reached its end. Each critical position is accompanied by three very tempting choices and the reader is invited to carefully select the best way forward. ... The reader will see that trying to discover the secrets of a quiet looking, generically positional game can just as tricky as attempting to navigate a sea of tactical possibilities. The subtle plans and manoeuvres of a Petrosian can be as instructive as Tal attack." - Sean Marsh,

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